Student of the month awarded to:

We found this posted to our Upstart University student Facebook group today! What a great honor and so very excited! If you are curious about USU, let me know and I’ll tell you all about it! Take a look:

Congratulations Student of the Month – Ben Volkmann of Sea Wolf Farms!

Ben has been an Upstart U student for quite some time now, and has remained active, engaged, and excited throughout. We’ve had a lot of fun watching Ben get his business off the ground, start building his social media presence, learning to grow, and talking to his markets. His enthusiasm, general advocacy for modern farming, and willingness to offer feedback and resources often to other community members is what makes him a model student farmer!

So why is Ben starting a farm? He said, “Urban farming allows me to follow my dream of bringing healing and connecting with nature to the concrete jungle madness I live in.”

What’s his piece of advice would be for other aspiring farmers? “Following dreams can take time, mine has taken me over 30 years. It is one of the most scary but satisfying & passionate things you can do in your life once you see it starting to fall into place. Go for it and don’t hold back.”

Great advice, Ben!

The Student of the Month (“SOM”) title is earned by those outstanding members who have actively contributed valuable ideas and conversation to the community, show progress on their farm and coursework, and who have otherwise demonstrated they are an all-around farming rockstar.

Each month, we’ll feature a new “SOM” along with their top advice for other farmers. The SOM will receive recognition and a special reward from Upstart University.

Will you be the next SOM?


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