First indoor hydroponic towers!

Our first indoor hydroponic towers are up and running. They are going through a leak test tonight. It’s not 100% complete but it’s completed enough to let the seedlings have somewhere to grow. We plan on adding two more towers and replacing the two lights with one light on a light mover which will then complete this setup. Long term plan is that this will end up being an aquaponics setup as it will be the closest to the fish tank.

We put down linoleum to protect the wood floor. This setup is the 3′ Zipgrow towers on a 6′ commercial shelf unit. It’s draining down to a Grodan Rock Wool tray for drainage which conveniently has a drain port which we have draining back into our reservoir. We have a 550 Active Aqua pump pushing the water through the system. Poly tubing with drip emitters are connected to the top shelf with 1/4″ tubes to run the drip safely into the towers. We may remove the tubes later but to help make sure we don’t have leaks they are there. Tomorrow assuming there are no leaks, we will start planting the towers!

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