Looking for something fresh

I found myself about a year and a half ago trying to find ways to keep myself from going crazy. I turned to hobbies of raising fish and my little container garden and doing some hydroponics. Come to find out, I was pretty good at it. I was able to have a number of fresh veggies that were awesome, had no pesticides and it was cool to see the seeds sprout and grow up into big plants and then give me some fruit. I started learning about aquaponics and how different systems worked. I found myself really enjoying it again and asked myself why am I dealing with high stress people in a high stress job trying to make a living when I could be dealing with things in a much less stressful situation. I was in a great position to make a major change in my life. Working a compressed work schedule 3 days a week left me with 4 days off to make life changes and push things forward. Originally I considered going to school, but then I realized after talking with some very wise friends, that putting together a proper business plan together will be a full education in itself.

Well, thus started the concept of Sea Wolf Farms. Growing in an aquaponic setup growing greens and herbs in a vertical farm. I’m really excited to see my dream slowly starting to work into being. I started researching growing designs and seriously started pursuing a business plan of some sort. I started a business incubator program in October 2015 to help me get things started and also started up with Bright Agrotech’s Upstart University which has been awesome for putting information in an organized manner to help me create my dream with some structure. I started networking and trying to absorb as much information as I could.

The first towers have been obtained and this week I’ll be working on getting the stand setup for it. It’s not cheap to get good quality equipment but it’s certainly worth it. I have been worried for a good bit about the prospect of getting this going. Its really coming together and a lot of great resources are at my disposal. I only hope to see it continue to grow and build.


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