Happy summer!

It’s been a while since we posted some updates. Lots has gone on for us. We are currently working on a move to a new location and trying to find a good home for our main grow space. We hope to find something this summer so we can be growing once again this fall. Keep […]


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from all of us here at Sea Wolf Farms! We want to urge you to be aware of the foods you are eating this Thanksgiving as many common foods are affected by recent CDC recall and health notices! Check out this news link for a list of the affected foods. Turkey, ground […]

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Expansion project!

Well stage one of our project is over. We officially have doubled the number of towers setup. We have gone from 4-3′ towers to now including 4-5′ towers! Tomorrow we will add another 4-5′ towers tripling the number of towers and adding a significant increase in growing space! Thursday we will work on plumbing and […]

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A quick video update!

A short video update on what’s happening for us! Support your local farmer! #seawolffarms #upstartfarmer #upstartuniversity #zipgrow #eatlocal #eatfresh #eatlocalfoods #eatyourveggies #smallfarm #smallfarmer #urbanfarming #urbanfarm #evanston #farmersmarkets

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