Expansion project!

Well stage one of our project is over. We officially have doubled the number of towers setup. We have gone from 4-3′ towers to now including 4-5′ towers! Tomorrow we will add another 4-5′ towers tripling the number of towers and adding a significant increase in growing space! Thursday we will work on plumbing and […]

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A quick video update!

A short video update on what’s happening for us! Support your local farmer! #seawolffarms #upstartfarmer #upstartuniversity #zipgrow #eatlocal #eatfresh #eatlocalfoods #eatyourveggies #smallfarm #smallfarmer #urbanfarming #urbanfarm #evanston #farmersmarkets

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First indoor hydroponic towers!

Our first indoor hydroponic towers are up and running. They are going through a leak test tonight. It’s not 100% complete but it’s completed enough to let the seedlings have somewhere to grow. We plan on adding two more towers and replacing the two lights with one light on a light mover which will then […]

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